American Media and Culture


  • These classes immerse students in rich and engaging readings, videos, podcasts, and discussions focusing on current events, contemporary issues, and cultural history.
  • Many courses have multiple levels to meet student target goals, backgrounds, and proficiency.
  • Courses are open to learners at any level:
    • native, multilingual, and non-native speaking students;
    • visiting international and U.S. resident students as well as current Cal students.


Courses provide the opportunity to improve and refine language and communication skills as well as your knowledge of the diversity and tensions within American culture.

Topics covered include

  • “fake news” and the media;
  • digital media;
  • U.S, California, and Berkeley history and culture;
  • inclusion vs. discrimination (i.e. the Black Lives Matter Movement, among others);
  • theater, film, literature, and more!

Skills include

  • Critical interpretation, analyses, synthesis, and evaluation
  • Public Speaking and debates
  • Written communication
  • Vocabulary development
  • Active listening
  • Close reading
  • Note-taking