Celebrating Student Achievement

We proudly celebrate the writing our students for our classes and after they move on from CWP. 

CWP Students win the Library Prize for Research

Every spring semseter, the UC Berkeley library awards prizes for outstanding upper and lower division research writing. Students submitting outstanding research projects for CWR4B (Reading, Composition, and Research) are encouraged to apply for the Charlene Conrad Liebau Library Prize for Undergraduate Research(link is external).

See winners from CWP along with links to their projects

CWP Students win the American Cultures Undergraduate Research Prize

"Since 2008, the American Cultures Student Prize has recognized and celebrated undergraduate achievements within American Cultures courses. The prize is awarded annually to undergraduates for projects they develop in an American Cultures course that promotes understanding of U.S. race, ethnicity, and culture and exemplifies a standard of excellence in scholarship.  Prior award-winning submissions have included essays, poetry, films, reflection statements on live performances, among other work produced for American Cultures courses." - The American Cultures Center, UC Berkeley

See winners from CWP along with links to their projects

CWP Students' Writing, Prizes, Accolades, and Achievements

Our students also apply what they've learned in CWP as they go on to careers in journalism and other fields.

Read more about them here.