We all appreciate support as we grow as readers, writers, teachers, and speakers. To this end, we provide the list of resources below to help you enhance your practice, advance your craft, and achieve your goals. Enter a keyword to find a specific resource, or use the dropdown filters to browse by audience, type of resource, or location.


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Created and maintained by past and current students in CW 106, the Argument at UC Berkeley website offers tips, explanations, and strategies that are useful when composing effective written arguments in a wide variety of academic disciplines. Writers at Work is a once-per-year forum in which well-known Berkeley faculty are interviewed on stage about their writing process.  The events are free and open to the campus community.
R&C instructors at UC Berkeley who have multilingual students in their classrooms have access to a consultant who will discuss their work with multilingual student writers, offering feedback on responding to multilingual writers' student essays, holding draft conferences, facilitating in-class discussions, and designing reading and writing assignments.
Every semester, more than 300 undergraduate R4B students gather for the College Writing Research Festival to present their final projects.
We have faculty consultants available to mentor you and support you in revising a College Writing R1A or R4A essay-in-progress over Zoom, email, or phone during the following posted hours. All of the faculty have years of experience teaching writing and can work with all students. 
Interested in digital reading? Do you teach undergraduates? Then we invite you to take a look at our list of suggestions for navigating the challenges of—and leveraging the potential benefits of—digital reading with your students.
The handouts here come from the no-longer-extant annual Fair for Faculty Teaching Multilingual and International Students.
This series of informal workshops sponsored by the College Writing Programs addresses issues that immediately affect teachers and students in writing-intensive classrooms. Members of the campus community are invited to join us when they can, for as long as they can.
CWP has resources for teachers with multilingual students, including consultants for R&C instructors who are teaching multilingual students. Over the next year, we will be adding resources for CWP instructors, GSIs teaching R&C courses, and content instructors teaching in the disciplines.
Writing Across Berkeley is an online journal that originates in the College Writing Programs and focuses on UCB's common ground, the enterprise of writing.
Located in San Francisco's Mission District and founded by Dave Eggers of McSweeney's, 826 Valencia is a nonprofit writing center for young people from eight to eighteen years old. The center offers tutoring and writing workshops in creative writing, expository writing, and ESL run by a volunteer staff.
The Academic Services in the Resident Halls website includes tips on writing and reading and advice on preparing for essay tests, as well as information about tutoring services.
As an aid to enhance academic vocabulary, this site divides the Academic Word List (the most common words in academic texts in English, excluding the most frequent 2000 words in English) into eleven levels.
The Academy of American Poets promotes the reading and writing of poetry among a wider American audience. The website offers information about grants, scholarships, and awards, along with a very useful "Find a Poet" feature that links you to biographies, poems, and online exhibitions.
Ask Oxford was created by the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary, the most thorough and comprehensive dictionary in print.  Ask Oxford offers valuable and sometimes surprising information on language, including tools for writers and students of writing. (You will need a CalNet ID to use this link to Ask Oxford.)
The ASC program provides study groups, individual tutoring, and advising for student athletes. Certain classes (College Writing, composition classes, and foreign languages) have regular tutors assigned. Tutoring for other classes can be arranged by request. Each student athlete is assigned an individual adviser.
Part of the Bartelby project (a collection of great books online), Bartlett's Familiar Quotations are readily searchable.
The Bay Area Writing Project is a collaborative program of UC Berkeley and Bay Area schools, dedicated to improving writing and the teaching of writing at all grade levels and in all disciplines. The Project includes an expanding network of exemplary classroom teachers, kindergarten through university, who conduct professional development programs for teachers and administrators throughout the summer and school year.
These free seminars are held once each month from October through May for Bay Area teachers of all levels who want to learn more about the teaching of writing. Seminars are led by Bay Area Writing Project Teacher-Consultants who are, themselves, teachers of writing. Seminars occur on the first Saturday of the month, and may be taken for one semester of UC Extension credit.
The Berkeley Language Center improves and strengthens foreign language instruction on the Berkeley campus by keeping teachers informed of new developments in the fields of language pedagogy, second language acquisition, and applied linguistics.