College Writing Programs is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

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Our History

College Writing Programs was created in 1992 to provide first-year writing instruction to Berkeley students, helping them meet the entry level and first year writing requirements while developing writing and critical thinking skills required for academic work at the university. In over 30 years of teaching, CWP has helped thousands of Berkeley students develop their academic reading and writing through numerous sections of CWR1A and CWR4B every semester. And our program continues to grow: In spring of 2023, we are running over 40 sections of CWR1A and over 20 sections of CWR4B.

However, these foundational classes only tell part of our story. Since the department’s founding, CWP faculty and directors have worked to build a program that offers a robust array of writing classes, including Writing in the Biological Sciences, Public Speaking, Academic Writing for Multilingual Students, Creative Nonfiction, Short fiction, Poetry, and Dramatic Writing. In addition, CWP regularly hosts colloquia, workshops, and other events, such as the Chiang Research Festival and Berkeley Writers at Work.

This year, we celebrate 30 years of writing instruction at UC Berkeley with a look at our history and exciting plans for future classes and events.

CWP Student Achievements

Award winning writing and more!

We're proud of the writing achievements of our students, for work done in our classes and for what they do after they move on from CWP. For example, students submitting outstanding research projects for CWR4B (Reading, Composition, and Research) are encouraged to apply for the Charlene Conrad Liebau Library Prize for Undergraduate Research.

Read more about CWP student writers and their achievements.

Our Amazing Faculty

Teachers, Writers, and Scholars

College Writing Programs faculty bring experience from varied disciplines to the teaching of composition at UC Berkeley. In both teaching and course design, our faculty draw from backgrounds in Creative Writing, Rhetoric, Second Language Acquisition, Literature, Linguistics, Theater, and more.

Meet our faculty

Read about faculty publications and scholarship

2016-present: Maggie Sokolik, CWP
2009-2016: Jane Stanley, CWP (retired)
2006-2009: Katherine Snyder, English
2003-2006: Daniel F. Melia, Rhetoric (retired)

2000-2003: Kevin Padian, Integrative Biology (retired)
1999-2000: Robert Brentano, History (deceased)
1995-1999: Glynda A. Hull, Graduate School of Education
1992-1995: Arthur J. Quinn, Rhetoric (deceased)

Hearst Gymnasium

Hearst Gymnasium, CWP's home during the renovation of Wheeler Hall in 2017-2018

Dwinelle Annex

Dwinelle Annex, CWP's first home on campus

Art Quinn

Art Quinn, first director of CWP