CWP Students' Prizes, Accolades, and Achievements

CWP Student Writing

Works from Jihoon Park, Student from CW 132 The Craft of Short Fiction, Summer 2016, Instructor Kim Freeman

  • Jihoon Park, “The Midtown Jazz Cats.” The Fiction Pool. July 24, 2020.
  • Jihoon Park, “The Zookeepers Guide to Animals.” New World Writing. November 4, 2020.
  • Jihoon Park, “Van Gogh and the Lego Man.” Split Lip. February 14, 2022
  • Jihoon Park, “Sketches of My Father.” The Columbia Review. Vol. 103.1 Fall 2021. 8-27.

Yazzie Suleiman, CW R4B Student, Spring 2022. Instructor Kim Freeman.

  • “Falling Far Behind: Insufficient Climate Education in the U.S.” Berkeley Political Review. October 31, 2022.

CWP Student Awards

Miya Rosenthal
Undergraduate Immigration Project Prize in the Creative Projects category, from A Year on Angel Island campus project sponsored by Arts and Design and the Future Histories Lab, 2023. For her final R4B research project, Miya created a powerful documentary film on the history of her grandmother during internment.

Miya and fellow prize winners were honored at the UC Berkeley Immigration Prize Awards Luncheon, March 17, pictured below

From left to right:
Helina Li, Computer Science and English,  Personal Essay Prize, "A World Without Borders"
Mariana Garcia, Political Science, Current Affairs Prize, "Title 42: Stories of Migrants in Search of the American Dream," created for CalTV
Miya Rosenthal, Media Studies, Creative Project Prize, "Oral History of Yuriko Kamiya: A Year in Infamy," created for CWP R4B: Images of History, taught by Pat Steenland
Jenna Cavelle

Judith Lee Stronach Baccalaureate Prize, 2012
“Recovering Cultural Memory: Irrigation Systems  of The Owens Valley Paiute Indians”
CW 50/150AC, “Researching Water in the West”
Pat Steenland

Sage Alexander
First Place in Writing Award from the California News Publishers Association,  California Journalism Awards 2020
“Grave robbing at UC Berkeley: A history of failed repatriation,” Daily Cal
CWP/ HUM 196, “The American West: Myth, Wilderness and Sacred Place"
Pat Steenland