Leadership Throughout the Years

Directors of the College Writing Program from 1992 to Present. 

1992-1995: Arthur J. Quinn, Rhetoric (deceased)

Arthur J. Quinn was a Professor of Rhetoric at UC Berkeley. He received his PhD in the philosophy and history of science from Princeton University. 

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1995-1999: Glynda A. Hull, Graduate School of Education

Glynda Hull holds the Elizabeth H. and Eugene A. Shurtleff Chair in Undergraduate Education. A recipient of UC Berkeley’s Distinguished Teaching Award, Hull offers undergraduate, graduate, and teacher education courses on literacy and media, and her research focuses on improving K-12 education with a focus on literacy, language, and technology.

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1999-2000: Robert Brentano, History (deceased)

Robert Brentano was born May 19, 1926, in Evansville, Ind. A scholar in medieval English and Italian history, Brentano received his bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College and his doctorate from Oxford University, which he attended as a Rhodes Scholar. He joined Berkeley’s history department in 1952 and never left.

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2000-2003: Kevin Padian, Integrative Biology (retired)

Kevin Padian is a Professor of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley. His research focuses on evolution and paleantology. 

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2003-2006: Daniel F. Melia, Rhetoric (retired)

Daniel F. Malia is a Professor in the Celtic Studies Program. He recived his AB in English Language and Literature, and MA and PhD in Celtic Languages and Literatures from Harvard University. His research interests include folklore and oral literature. 

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2006-2009: Katherine Snyder, English

Katherine Snyder is an Associate Professor in the English department at UC Berkeley. Her specialties  include gender and sexuality studies and 20th-21st century British literature. 

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2009-2016: Jane Stanley, College Writing (retired)

Jane Stanley is interested in the history of composition and the politics of remedial writing instruction. Beyond her work as a compositionist, she is a specialist in ESL.

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2016-present: Maggie Sokolik, College Writing

Maggie Sokolik has a Ph.D. in applied linguistics from UCLA. She has taught writing and technical communication on the Berkeley campus since 1992. She has taught Reading & Composition courses, advanced composition, American Cultures courses, and a full range of courses for multilingual student writers.

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