Peter Vahle

Job title: 
Continuing Lecturer of College Writing
Office Hours: 
College Writing Programs

Peter Vahle is an applied linguist and continuing lecturer in the College Writing Programs at UC Berkeley. Peter’s career in teaching English began in Spain in the early 1990s where he taught a variety of English Language Courses. In the late 1990s, Peter began training new teachers of English and later established a TEFL Certification course in Barcelona where he was the Course Director for four years. Through the early 2000s, Peter continued to launch, teach, and direct teacher training courses in various European cities including Paris and Prague. Peter returned to the United States permanently in 2011 where he began focusing on teaching Rhetoric and Composition, first at the University of San Francisco, and Academic Writing shortly thereafter at UC Berkeley. While Peter predominantly teaches Academic Writing for Multilingual Speakers of English, CW-9C and CW-109C, he occasionally teaches other courses in College Writing including Accelerated Reading and Writing, CW-R1A, Grammar and Idioms CW-1, Issues in Teaching English Internationally, CW-121 and Grammar for English Language Instructors, CW-142, in the joint minor program with the Graduate School of Education. Peter holds the LCTL Diploma in TESOL from Trinity College, London.