Jeff Ellenbird


Jeff’s passion for teaching comes out of community organizing and community-based teaching in San Francisco when he was known as Jeff McClelland.  He then got his Masters in TESOL at San Francisco State University and later served as a Fulbright Fellow in Chile developing and piloting an ESL curriculum for medical students at the Universidad de Talca in 2014.  Now a fulltime professor at Bunker Hill Community College (BHCC) in Boston, he teaches ELL classes that cluster with introductory discipline classes, such as SOC-101 and also teaches a first-year seminar titled, Self, Culture and Society and a course on second language acquisition for aspiring K-12 teachers.

From 2016-2020 he co-lead a major 5-year overhaul of the ESL program at BHCC to better center the curriculum on the assets, experiences and cultural wealth of the students and provide an accelerated course sequence of credit-bearing ELL classes, many which are linked to introductory discipline classes.  He then served as chief editor for the 2022 issue of Teaching for our Times, which documents this program reform.

Publications & Presentations: 


 Chief editor and co-author of three articles in Teaching for our Times: Centering equity and cultural wealth (2022 issue)

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