The CWP Chiang Research Festival will be held December 5th

August 18, 2022

For the eigth year, College Writing Programs will be hosting the College Writing R4B Chiang Research Festival

On December 5th, we will run two virtual festivals via Zoom.

All 300+ students enrolled in CWR4B will have the opportunity to present their research orally and receive feedback from fellow students in other sections of CWR4B.  We are grateful to collaborate with Berkeley's Moffitt Undergraduate Library to support engaging undergraduate research.  CWR4B-enrolled students will receive information later from their College Writing instructors and sign up for one of two sessions that day: 8–10am (PST) or  4-6pm (PST).  Due to online capacity and Breakout room configurations, we will only be able to have students, instructors, and librarians attend.