Academic Writing Classes for Summer 2023

May 13, 2023

Academic Writing Courses at UC Berkeley: Improve Your Writing Skills This Summer!

Are you looking to improve your writing skills this summer? Look no further than the Academic Writing courses offered by UC Berkeley! Whether you prefer an online or on-campus format, these courses are designed to teach you critical reading, thinking, and writing skills that will help you meaningfully engage with ideas, problems, and issues in our world.

Online Course Details:

Course name: COLWRIT 3A, 2 units Class number: 15350 Duration: 6-Week Online Asynchronous Course Dates: July 03 - August 11, 2023

On-Campus Course Details:

Course name: COLWRIT 9C, 3 units Class number: 15415 Duration: Mon/Wed 9:30-12:00 PM Dates: July 03 - August 11, 2023

Both courses are open to both matriculated UC Berkeley students and visiting summer students. In addition to improving your writing skills, these courses will also develop your abilities to read written and cultural texts critically, analyze texts in ways that engage your own experiences and the perspectives of others, and write about those texts for a range of readers and purposes as a means of participating in broader conversations. You will also receive practice with focusing topics, organizing arguments, and supporting claims with evidence and reasoning. The courses will also address sentence structures, summarizing, paraphrasing, correct use of citations, and editing skills.

Use your summer to improve your written communication skills for college and career! Choose the format that best fits your schedule and register for the Academic Writing courses at UC Berkeley today.