How much do Summer English Language Studies courses cost?

For international students, courses cost $550 per unit (as of the Summer 2020 term). The courses(link is external) in Summer English Language Studies vary in unit amount, but the course fees for international students (NOT including additional Summer Sessions fees(link is external)) are as follows:

College Writing 5 (3 units): $1650
College Writing 6 (2 units): $1100
College Writing 7 (1 unit): $550
College Writing 8 (4 units): $2200
College Writing 9 (3 units): $1650
College Writing W3 (2 units): $1100

Note: Please refer to the international fee website(link is external) for complete registration fees. The International Service fee will be refunded or removed from your account for 2020, as no visas are required for all-online classes.  For domestic, non-international students, refer to the registration fee website(link is external).