What is the homework level like? What should I expect to bring to class?

The homework level varies course by course. A general rule to follow is that courses with higher unit levels (for example the 4-unit College Writing 8 courses) have more homework than do courses with lower unit levels (for example the 1-unit College Writing 7 courses). Also, College Writing 5 and 9 courses all have a fieldwork component that requires an additional 5 hours of homework each week.  Consult your instructor and course syllabus for a complete list of homework assignments. Instructors do keep in mind that it is summer, and try to incorporate class trips and ways to explore California into homework assignments.

Students should expect to bring something to take notes on (i.e. laptop, notebook, etc.) for each class meeting. Students should do all class readings as assigned. Outside of class, instructors may require students to type homework or papers. If students do not have a laptop, there are numerous computer labs(link is external) on the UC Berkeley campus at your disposal.