Teaching English to Multilingual Students

Educating for the 21st Century: Teaching English to Multilingual Students

Program Overview

Are you interested in teaching English to multilingual students abroad or in the USA?  Or, maybe you just want to learn more about teaching and learning English? College Writing Programs and Education have teamed up to offer a certificate that can be earned by taking five of the following courses in one summer. You can take all the courses in one summer, or spread them out over two or more summers. Even if you aren’t pursuing a certificate, you are welcome to join any of these classes individually if you are interested.



In Session A (May 23 - July 1, 2022), all courses are online:


College Writing 121 (online): Issues in Teaching English Internationally

Course Description: This course offers students an opportunity to consider relevant academic and professional issues related to the teaching of English internationally. Through readings, discussions, and assigned projects, students learn about principles of language policy and planning, linguistics, methodology, and assessment. These topics contribute to students' understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of effective English.

Education W142 (online): Education in a Global World

Course Description: Learn about schooling and educational perspectives from around the world, examining educational programs and initiatives targeting diverse populations of students. Students will engage diverse cultural resources and create global education projects.   

College Writing W143 (online): Foundations of Teaching ESL/EFL

Course Description: Learn about the fundamental principles and practices of English language education in both local and global contexts. This course covers theory and methods behind teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking to diverse populations of English language learners in a variety of academic contexts.

In Session D (July 5 - August 12, 2022), all courses are online.


Education W140 AC (online): The Art of Making Meaning

Course Description: Learn about theories of literacy and learning in digital, networked environments, as well as research methods in education. Students work on a number of creative activities to represent key course ideas, as well as author a final Case Study paper documenting their field work experience. This course satisfies one practicum experience and UC Berkeley’s American Cultures requirement.

Education W144: Practicum in Education

Students may choose to do some or all of their field units through this course, which has an online reflection component. Educ W144 is a variable unit course (meaning students may enroll in 1, 2 or 3 units), and can be repeated multiple times. A wide variety of education related fieldwork is possible through this course, including research, interning and suggesting your own placement. Students need to contact the course instructor to discuss about possible placements in advance of the start of the semester. A list of practicum sites currently partnering with Educ W144.

College Writing W145 (online): Creating Materials for English Language Education

Course Description: You will learn to develop instructional materials and assessment tools in English language teaching in both local and global contexts. This course covers theory and methods behind choosing, adapting, and writing materials that are suitable for diverse populations of English language learners in a variety of academic contexts.

See more information on the Summer Sessions website.

Students will be offered a certificate upon successful completion of five courses. You can register through Summer Sessions.

Please direct questions about this certificate program to the Director of College Writing Programs.