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Jane Hammons

Lecturer, Emeritus

Jane Hammons has an M.A. in American Studies from the University of New Mexico, and is certified in English, World History, and American History from UC Berkeley. She is a recipient of the campus Distinguished Teaching Award. For twenty years, she served as coordinator of College Writing Programs' Summer Bridge Course, CW N2-Writing the Bridge: From High School to the University. She taught Reading & Composition courses, as well as courses in both intermediate and advanced composition at UC Berkeley. In addition to her passion for teaching, she is also passionate about writing. Her story "The Land with No Air," is included in Hint Fiction: An Anthology of Stories of 25 Words or Fewer, and she recently guest-edited the inaugural issue of Fictionaut Selects for Fictionaut.com. She is a member of The Author's Guild, and her writing can be found in the Columbia Journalism Review; San Francisco Chronicle; Alaska Quarterly Review; Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers, as well as several other journals and magazines.