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Fair for Faculty Teaching Multilingual Students

The handouts here come from the no-longer-extant annual Fair for Faculty Teaching Multilingual and International Students.


Handouts and Resources from Previous Fairs


Courses Offered

A complete list of all CWP courses

A list of CWP courses for multilingual and international students


Berkeley’s Undergraduate Student Body

15% of UC Berkeley undergraduates are international students.
25% of undergraduates are immigrant and/or US-born students who identify a language other than English as their native tongue.

Information about this diverse population:

PDF: Multilingual Student Writer Population (2015)
PDF: International Student Concerns and Programming (2015)
PDF: Working with F-1 and J-1 International Students (2015)


Ways to Support Multilingual and International Students in Your Classes

Encouraging Class Participation

PDF: Participation Survey (2014)
PDF: Encouraging Student Participation in the University Classroom (2015)
PDF: 17 Collaborative Learning Methods (2015)
PDF: Collaborative Conferencing with Second-Language Writers (2015)
PDF: Improving Critical Reading (2015)
PDF: Digital Tools for Students and Faculty (2015)


Word Choice: 
Why It’s So Complicated & How to Support Students in Accurate Usage

PDF: Word Choice and Vocabulary Development (2015)
PDF: What You Need to Know about a Word to Use It Correctly in Your Writing (2015)


Marking Grammar Errors in Student Writing:
What, When, Where, Why, and How

PDF: Marking Grammar Errors in Student Writing (2015)
PDF: Editing Strategies to Share with Your Students (2015)


Academic Honesty: 
Giving Students the Tools to Avoid Unintentional Plagiarism

PDF: Supporting Students' Understanding of Academic Honesty (2014)
PDF: Is it Paraphrasing, or Is It Plagiarism? (2014)
PDF: Promoting Academic Honesty (2015)


Publications & Resources for Teaching Multilingual and International Students

PDF: Resources for Faculty Teaching Multilingual and International Students (2014)
PDF: General Resources for Faculty (2015) 
R&C instructors may schedule an appointment with CWP's consultant on teaching multilingual students.


Margi Wald