Retired Faculty and Former Directors

Retired Faculty and Former Directors

Linda Jensen Darling


Linda Jensen Darling has an MA in English: TESL/TEFL from San Francisco State University.  She teaches reading and composition courses with a focus on language and identity.  Previously, she was a lecturer at UCLA for 27 years.  In the Department of Applied Linguistics, she supervised and taught academic ESL courses, as well as teacher education courses. She was also a lecturer in the Department of Writing Programs, where she taught academic reading and writing courses for ESL students, as well as trained and supervised ESL teaching assistants.  Her research and publication interests include reading theory and practice, content-based instruction, and teacher education.  She is a co-author of Insights I & II: a content-based approach to academic preparation textbook.  She received the Luckman Distinguished Teaching Award for non-senate faculty at UCLA in 1994. 

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