Retired Faculty and Former Directors

Retired Faculty and Former Directors

Carolyn Hill


Carolyn Hill has a Ph.D. in rhetoric from UC Berkeley, where she analyzed the argumentative artistry of Sir James Frazer's Golden Bough and taught for more than thirty years, specializing in Reading & Composition, written argument, and public speaking courses. In between the cracks, she wrote (and continues to write) science fiction and fantasy. For publications and more, see


Publications / Presentations 


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Beneath the Skin.  UK:  Tickety Boo Press, 2017.


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Further Information 

Sample syllabus for CW R1A, Accelerated Reading and Composition, Fall 2015

Sample syllabus for CW 10A, Introduction to Public Speaking, Fall 2013

Sample syllabus for CW 10B, Advanced Public Speaking, Spring 2013

Sample syllabus for CW 106, Intermediate Composition: Argument in the Disciplines, Fall 2015