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Teaching Multilingual Students

CWP has resources for teachers with multilingual students, including consultants for R&C instructors who are teaching multilingual students. Over the next year, we will be adding resources for CWP instructors, GSIs teaching R&C courses, and content instructors teaching in the disciplines.

Consultant for Instructors Who Are Teaching Multilingual Student Writers

R&C instructors at UC Berkeley who have multilingual students in their classrooms have access to a consultant who will discuss their work with multilingual student writers (MSW), offering feedback on responding to multilingual writers' student essays, holding draft conferences, facilitating in-class discussions, and designing reading and writing assignments.

To receive more information and to set up an appointment with our consultant, please contact Teri Crisp.


Compiled by CWP Faculty Specializing in Teaching Multilingual Students

See an article by Michelle Baptiste on "Teaching Writing to Multilingual Students," published in CWP’s Writing Across Berkeley:

See general information about teaching multilingual students:

View a presentation on best practices in teaching multilingual student writers (MSW) by Michelle Baptiste and Teri Crisp:


Courses for Multilingual Students Seeking English Language Skill Support

Please help make multilingual students aware of these College Writing Progams course offerings that can support them as writers and speakers of English. 

College Writing 1: The Grammar & Vocabulary of Written English (2 units P/NP)

Each semester we offer this 2-unit self-editing workshop on grammar and word choice, focused on students who are taking a writing-intensive course and can bring in essays to edit. If instructors do a writing diagnostic Day 1, they can refer students in the first week of class. 

College Writing 9C and 109C: Academic Writing for Multilingual Students (3 units)

Multilingual student writers learn about content, structure, and organization of essays. Great for students who have not yet taken reading and composition courses and for transfer students. 

College Writing R1A: Accelerated Reading & Composition (6 units)

Several sections are reserved for multilingual student writers; check for the “MSW” designation.  

College Writing R4B: Reading, Composition, & Research (4 units)

One section is reserved for multilingual student writers; check for the “MSW” designation. 

Summer Courses

In the summer we offer a plethora of courses in person and online for multilingual students.  These summer courses target international students who come from abroad to study at Berkeley for the summer, as well as current Cal students.  See


Recommended Reading 
Compiled by Teri Crisp

For Instructors

Mary Deane Sorcinelli and Peter Elbow, eds. Writing to Learn: Strategies for Assigning and Responding to Writing Across the Disciplines.

John C. Bean. Engaging Ideas: The Professor's Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom.

A wonderful resource. He takes the position that even though discipline-specific instructors may be told "we don't teach writing," writing is the fundamental way to learn, so everyone can be teaching it.

Michael Swan. Practical English Usage (a new edition is out).

The “bible” for second language questions.

For Students

Joyce Cain. Eye on Editing 2 (an old but best edition of her book).

A self-study book for students who want to review editing skills, with answers in back.

Joyce Cain. Grammar for Writing 2 (the newer version).

Nora Bacon. The Well-Crafted Sentence.

Helen Sword. The Writer's Diet: A Guide to Fit Prose.

A slim and systematic guide for any writer.


Margi Wald