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Online Audio Assignment Encourages Student Voice

CWP Lecturer Benjamin Spanbock's online audio project created for Summer Bridge is now included in the "Assignments" section of The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy.

Spanbock's "Finding Voice in the University Bridge Program: Online Audio Publication and the Personal Narrative", published on April 3, 2018, offers details about the assignment, its rationale, and its outcomes, assessing the assignment's ability to empower students to claim their stories and recognize the value of their positionality in an academic framework.

"In the field of college composition, instructors often place a great deal of emphasis on the relationship between writing and how that writing sounds when read aloud. This is particularly true for teaching less practiced writers, who naturally have less experience negotiating the differences between their spoken voice and their written voice. For this assignment, students wrote and then recorded a personal story as an audio file and made the recording available to a wider audience through publication on a shared website. In essence, the pedagogical foundation of the assignment rests in exercising and synthesizing the writing and speaking skills of early undergraduates through the rehearsal process, allowing them to see and hear their own writing simultaneously as they revise, striving for a seamless recording to share in a public setting."

As an extra treat, the journal article contains links to twelve audio tracks in which students read their narratives produced by the assignment.

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