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CWP Student Directs Documentary on Student Homelessness at UCB

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Robbie Li
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CWP R4B student Robbie Li recently directed a short documentary on student homelessness at Berkeley.  The 20-minute documentary, titled "Invisible Students: Homeless at UC Berkeley," was screened for the ASUC on March 22, 2018.

"I think I could be a school asset, if only I was given the chance to live," says Tavi, a homeless student featured in the film.  Shocked by the struggles of his peers, Robbie Li, a Cal student and an intern at the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board, takes the lead on the film-making project.

The documentary sheds light on an issue that may seem like an oxymoron—student homelessness. With two former homeless students sharing their stories, the film attempts to humanize the issue and raise awareness on the housing crisis in Berkeley.

"The labor force in the Bay Area is very bifurcated, in terms of economic rewards for work. Because San Francisco has become so expensive, many workers from Silicon Valley have come to East Bay," observes Professor Jennifer Wolch, Dean of UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design.

Student homelessness is an urgent issue that demands immediate action.