For Instructors

R&C Colloquium

A series of informal workshops sponsored by the College Writing Programs addressing issues that immediately affect teachers and students in writing-intensive classrooms.

Writing Across Berkeley

Articles about writing and reading on the UC Berkeley campus.

MSW Consultants

R&C instructors at UC Berkeley who have multilingual students in their classrooms have access to a consultant who will discuss their work with multilingual student writers, offering feedback on responding to multilingual writers' student essays, holding draft conferences, facilitating in-class discussions, and designing reading and writing assignments. Contact Teri Crisp for more informaiton.

Library of Congress-UC Berkeley Pilot Project

College Writing Programs, the French Department, and the UC Berkeley Library collaborated on a year-long pilot in partnership with the Library of Congress--focusing on primary source use in lower-division courses and an inquiry-based model for examining any text.  For more information, please contact Pat Steenland or view our slide show from the Spring 2019 Symposium--accessible to anyone with a account.