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CW 10A - Public Speaking

Summer 2022

This strictly introductory course presumes no formal training of any kind. Emphasis is on organization and delivery, with the goal of improving control over speaking habits and enunciation. A further goal is to introduce students to the foundation of rhetorical theory that underpins the practice of public speaking.

Units and Format 
3 units – Eight hours of seminar/discussion per week for six weeks
Grading Option 
Letter grade or P/NP





Class Number: 14318
Meeting time @ place:
MWF 2:00pm - 4:00pm @ Wheeler 24
Section Theme: Fundamentals of Public Speaking
Section Description:

This introductory course is meant to help you become a better public speaker. Public speaking is an essential skill that is relevant in most academic, business, professional, and social settings, and yet speaking publicly is a thing that many people dread; in fact, public speaking anxiety also known as glossophobia ranks as one of the most commonly reported social fears. Our focus, then, will be on organization and delivery with the goal of improving clarity and speech habits through practice. Students will learn effective public speaking techniques and gain confidence in their oral communication (and listening!) skills by delivering speeches and presentations for different occasions and audiences in a supportive classroom environment.

Students will give three speeches during the class: an informative speech, "entertainment" speech, and persuasive speech. Students will be able to choose their own topic for each presentation. 

Book List:
Class Number: 13288
Meeting time @ place:
MWF 2:00pm - 4:00pm @ Dwinelle 189
Section Theme: Say It Out Loud: Speaking with Confidence
Instructor: Becky Hsu
Section Description:

This course is all about refining your ability to speak in a variety of public settings. To that end, you will prepare and deliver 3 types of speeches or “talks”: a “storytelling” speech, an informative speech, and a persuasive speech. The course will culminate with a debate/“panel” in which you will utilize all 3 of the prior types of speeches in order to debate and converse with other “panelists” in a mock debate/“panel” setting. 

Public speaking is really about learning to feel comfortable with yourself and your ideas, to express your core self regardless of your setting.

Thus, as we progress through this course, our larger goal will be to increase confidence in the act of “speaking up” and “speaking out.” 

Book List:

I will provide a selection of essays and chapters for you to read, so you won't need to buy texts for this course.