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CW 132 - Introduction to the Craft of Short Fiction

Spring 2019

This creative writing course focuses on the challenging, deeply rewarding process of reading and writing short fiction. In particular, the course emphasizes a practical introduction to craft—how short fiction is generated, how committed writers work, how a community of writers can augment the writing process, and how finished pieces work in the context of publication—which you will explore through careful study of published writers, and in writing and revising your own works of varying lengths.

Available in 
Fall and Spring
Fulfillment of both halves (Parts A and B) of the Reading and Composition Requirement or consent of the instructor
Units and Format 
3 units – Three hours of lecture/discussion per week
Grading Option 
Letter grade





Class Number: 31751
Meeting time @ place:
TUTH 12:30pm - 2:00pm @ 7 Evans Hall
Section Theme: Introduction to the Craft of Short Fiction
Instructor: Michael Larkin
Section Description:

This course on the short story emphasizes an introduction to craft—how short stories are created, what their elements are, and how the finished pieces work—which you will explore through careful study of models by published writers and through writing and revising your own original pieces generated for this class.


We will read and study some excellent examples of short stories of varying lengths (micro, short shorts, and...longer short stories), and you’ll be trying your hand at each, first by completing short exercises designed to get you familiar with some of the basic elements, and then by writing drafts of your own and workshopping them with your classmates--giving and receiving feedback on each others' work.

Book List:

The Making of a Story, Alice LaPlante; course reader; further readings TBD