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CW 133 - Introduction to the Craft of Dramatic Writing

Spring 2019

This course in creative writing focuses on the fundamentals of reading and writing dramatic scripts. Students learn dramatic writing as an art and as a set of skills. They learn the elements involved in the creation of scripts by analyzing published scripts, as well as by drafting their own scripts and critiquing their peers' work. Particular emphasis is given to the work of generating and revising drafts, in addition to the critique and appreciation of works written for the stage, and to a lesser degree, for the screen. This introduction to craft is applicable to stage scripts as well as screenplays.

Available in 
Fall and Spring
Fulfillment of both halves (Parts A and B) of the Reading and Composition Requirement or consent of the instructor
Units and Format 
3 units – Three hours of lecture/discussion per week
Grading Option 
Letter grade or P/NP





Class Number: 31115
Meeting time @ place:
TUTH 11:00am - 12:30pm @ 234 Dwinelle Hall
Section Theme: TBA
Instructor: John Levine
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