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CW W143 - Foundations of English Language Education

Summer 2022

An introduction to the fundamental principles and practices of English language education in both local and global contexts. This course covers theory and methods behind teaching reading, writing, listening, and speaking to diverse populations of English language learners in a variety of academic contexts.

Completion of two-semester R&C requirement or the equivalent.
Units and Format 
3 units - Eight hours of web-based lecture and web-based discussion for six weeks
Grading Option 
Letter Grade
Education Minor





Class Number: 13212
Meeting time @ place:
Section Theme: Approaches to Teaching ESL/ELT
Instructor: Michelle Baptiste
Section Description:

Eight hours of ASYNCHRONOUS recorded lectures and ASYNCHRONOUS interactive web-based discussion for six weeks

The course will focus on fulfilling the following objectives:

• Recognize different approaches an instructor may take in teaching language

• Assess the merits and drawbacks of different methods promoted across the decades

• Understand research-based best practices for teaching English language learners

• Identify the different types of language learners in English language courses

• Appreciate the cultural & linguistic diversity that students bring to the classroom

Book List:

Celce-Murcia, Marianne, Brinton, Donna M., Snow, Marguerite Ann, Editors. (2014). Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. (Fourth Edition). Boston: National Geographic/Heinle Cengage Learning  - On bCourses pdfs of or hyperlinks to all readings will be provided, but purchasing this book is recommended!