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CW 11 - Berkeley Changemaker: Public Speaking

Fall 2022

Emphasizing the Berkeley Changemaker pillars of critical thinking and communication, this one-unit practicum is designed to help students refine their academic speaking skills. Students will learn the techniques of effective public speaking, practice their skills, and develop confidence in oral communication. Online, asynchronous class sessions will be complemented by “live” opportunities that enable students to practice course content in front of an instructor and audience and receive feedback.

Available in 
Fall and Spring
Units and Format 
1 unit – 1 hour web-based discussion and seminar per week for 15 weeks.
Grading Option 
Letter Grade





Class Number: 26372
Meeting time @ place:
- @ Internet
Section Theme: TBA
Instructor: John Levine
Section Description:

This course is co-taught with John Levine and Carmen Acevedo-Butcher.

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