Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff are deeply committed to serving our students and the wider campus community.

We promote excellent teaching and strong student support services. In collaborations on and off campus, we address the needs of our diverse student population, recognize outstanding student work, and engage in ongoing professional development. We invite you to contact us at any time. You can also learn more about our retired faculty and former directors.

Namesort descending Email Phone
Miriam Bird Greenberg
  • mbg@berkeley.edu
Mary Grover
  • marymgrover@berkeley.edu
  • 510-642-5570
Joseph Horton
  • jbhorton@berkeley.edu
  • 510-642-5570
Becky Hsu
  • siberia9@berkeley.edu
  • 510-642-5570
Nancy Hunt
  • nhuntngh@berkeley.edu
  • 510-642-5570
Belinda Kremer
  • belindakremer@berkeley.edu
  • N/A during COVID adjustments; please email me
Lindsey Lanfersieck
  • lslanfer@berkeley.edu
  • 510-642-5570
Jonathan Lang
  • jclang@berkeley.edu
  • jlang@berkeley.edu
  • 510-642-5570
Michael Larkin
  • larkinm@berkeley.edu
  • 510-642-5570
John Levine
  • jblevine@berkeley.edu
  • 510-642-5570