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An explanation of "Open Reserved Seats"

For our College Writing R1A sections, we generally reserve two seats, sometimes more, for students who attempted to enroll in a College Writing R1A section in the previous semester but remained waitlisted, and informed us about this, or for students who need to repeat the course.

Seats are reserved by a Student Specific Enrollment Permission that assigns a seat to a particular student through their SID. This is done shortly after a schedule for a term is announced publicly through the Berkeley Academic Guide. We contact the students who are on a "priority list" of waitlisted students, and the students confirm which section they want to enroll in. If a section of R1A shows "Open Seats," and under "Open Reserved Seats" it displays that two, or more, seats are "reserved for Students with Enrollment Permission" this usually means that the students have yet to follow through with enrolling through CalCentral. It does not mean that open seats are available.

If you have further questions, or think you meet the qualifications for a reserved seat, contact Mike Palmer:


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