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Fair for Faculty Teaching Multilingual Students

This information fair for faculty takes place annually on campus, offering advice and resources for teaching multingual and international students.  For handouts from past fairs, see the links to PDFs below.


Handouts and Resources from Previous Fairs


Courses Offered

A complete list of all CWP courses

A list of CWP courses for multilingual and international students


Berkeley’s Undergraduate Student Body

15% of UC Berkeley undergraduates are international students.
25% of undergraduates are immigrant and/or US-born students who identify a language other than English as their native tongue.

Information about this diverse population:

PDF: Multilingual Student Writer Population (2015)
PDF: International Student Concerns and Programming (2015)
PDF: Working with F-1 and J-1 International Students (2015)


Ways to Support Multilingual and International Students in Your Classes

Encouraging Class Participation

PDF: Participation Survey (2014)
PDF: Encouraging Student Participation in the University Classroom (2015)
PDF: 17 Collaborative Learning Methods (2015)
PDF: Collaborative Conferencing with Second-Language Writers (2015)
PDF: Improving Critical Reading (2015)
PDF: Digital Tools for Students and Faculty (2015)


Word Choice: 
Why It’s So Complicated & How to Support Students in Accurate Usage

PDF: Word Choice and Vocabulary Development (2015)
PDF: What You Need to Know about a Word to Use It Correctly in Your Writing (2015)


Marking Grammar Errors in Student Writing:
What, When, Where, Why, and How

PDF: Marking Grammar Errors in Student Writing (2015)
PDF: Editing Strategies to Share with Your Students (2015)


Academic Honesty: 
Giving Students the Tools to Avoid Unintentional Plagiarism

PDF: Supporting Students' Understanding of Academic Honesty (2014)
PDF: Is it Paraphrasing, or Is It Plagiarism? (2014)
PDF: Promoting Academic Honesty (2015)


Publications & Resources for Teaching Multilingual and International Students

PDF: Resources for Faculty Teaching Multilingual and International Students (2014)
PDF: General Resources for Faculty (2015) 
R&C instructors may schedule an appointment with CWP's consultant on teaching multilingual students.


Margi Wald