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CWP's Chiang Research Festival

Once per semester, undergraduate students gather for the College Writing Research Festival to present their research, collected across an entire semester. Presenting in waves, in several different rooms, speakers have the chance to ask questions and engage with peers, develop an academic community bigger than any one classroom ... and eat a hard-earned meal during RRR Week.

The Research Festival is rapidly becoming a tradition at College Writing, and as one student put it: "I'm proud that we have so many interesting people doing such interesting projects. It says a lot about the diversity of ideas at Cal in general."

Among the topics presented in Spring 2015:

  • "You’re Too Pretty to be Deaf: How Lookism Works Its Way in the Deaf Community"
  • "Neuromarketing and the Internet: Designing for the Mind"
  • "The Role Of Lookism In Asian Skin­-Whitening Culture"
  • "The Middle East & North Africa: Democratization through Social Media & the Internet"
  • "Problematic Values for Native American Art: How Museums Display Art"
  • "Marginalization and discrimination: An observation of Chinese Online Activism"
  • "The Evolution of Pin­-Ups and Its Impact on Lookism"
  • "The Impact of Sea ­Level Rise on Low-­Income Communities"
  • "Does Ink Matter? Looking at Tattoos in the Academic Culture"
  • "The Potential Implications of California's Drought on Kern County"
  • "The New Normal: Manufacturing Looks in South Korea"
  • "Discovery in the Face of Extinction: Ili Pika as Indicators of Climate Change"
  • "The Sharing Economy: You're Not as Powerful as What You Own"
  • "Stormfront: Online Hate and Its Offline Consequences"
  • "Sound of the People: Information Technology and Democratization of the Music Business"

Three students listening to presentation at the CWP Research Fair

Ryan Sloan