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CW 25AC - Reading in and about US Education Institutions

Fall 2017

In this seminar, we will read, discuss, and write about the American educational system, especially within a multicultural context. The goal is to deepen the understanding of the history, diversity, and values of American educational institutions, while strengthening reading and seminar participation skills through synthesis, critique and analysis.

This course is partially intended to introduce international students to U.S. educational policy, debates, and history, but all students are welcome. The best class is one that allows for dialogue between internationally- and U.S.-educated students from diverse backgrounds. 

Important: Although this class is offered by College Writing Programs, it is not a writing class. Students will, of course, do several short writing assignments, but class time will not be spent in discussing writing techniques, etc. Out-of-class conference times will be available for students who want to discuss their papers for the course. 

In this course, students will:

  • Broaden their understanding of the American educational system, especially in terms of socioeconomic class, race, and ethnicity.
  • Increase their awareness of the values that underlie and are reinforced by U.S. educational institutions
  • Improve their academic reading, presentation, group work, and discussion skills

These aims will be addressed in the following ways:

  • Reading of short articles, chapters, documents, and narratives exemplifying various educational/cultural ideas
  • Writing responses to readings, videos, and class discussion
  • Presenting on course materials
  • Conducting and reporting on outside research
  • Collaborating in teams to complete projects

Breadth Requirement: This course satisfies the University's American Cultures Requirement

This course can be applied toward the Education Minor.

Available in 
Fall and Spring
Units and Format 
3 units – Three hours of lecture per week
Grading Option 
Letter grade or P/NP
Education Minor
American Cultures





Class Number: 13564
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TUTH 3:30pm - 5:00pm @ 122 Barrows Hall (ALC)
Section Theme: None
Instructor: Margi Wald
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