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CW 106 - Intermediate Composition: Argument in the Disciplines

Spring 2018

This course prepares students to write and analyze arguments in a range of academic disciplines, from the humanities and liberal arts, to the sciences and social sciences. It emphasizes rhetorical strategies, reasoning, and conventions that characterize persuasive arguments in each field. Note that CW 106 does not include instruction in the research process.

Breadth Requirement: This course can be used toward satisfying the Seven-Course Breadth Requirement

Available in 
Fall and Spring
Fulfillment of both halves (Parts A and B) of the Reading & Composition Requirement
Units and Format 
3 units – Three hours of lecture per week
Grading Option 
Letter grade or P/NP
Arts & Literature Breadth





Class Number: 23263
Meeting time @ place:
TUTH 2:00pm - 3:30pm @ 237 Cory Hall
Section Theme: 106 doesn't have a theme . . . .
Instructor: Carolyn Hill
Section Description:

Do you want to write better arguments in your chosen major? Are you curious about what constitutes good argument in other disciplines? This intermediate nonfiction writing course explores written argument in a range of academic fields. You will learn to identify and use argumentative strategies common across many disciplines as well as delve deeply into the persuasive strategies specific to your own field. As part of the course, you will help maintain the Argument at UC Berkeley website.

Book List:

They Say / I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing, second edition (Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein); Course Reader (available on bCourses)