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CW 1 - Grammar and Vocabulary in Written English

Spring 2017

This course develops students' ability to edit their own writing and to identify high-frequency, non-idiomatic uses of English. Intensive practice will be provided for students according to their individual needs.

Available in 
Fall and Spring
Self-selected non-native speakers of English
Units and Format 
2 units – Two hours of online lecture/workshop per week
Grading Option 
Must be taken P/NP





Class Number: 13846
Meeting time @ place:
TH 12:00pm - 2:00pm @ 230 Mulford Hall
Section Theme: Strong Academic Grammar & Vocab
Instructor: Ryan Sloan
Section Description:
Book List:

Text: The Well-Crafted Sentence: A Writer's Guide to Style [Bacon]

Note: if possible, buy the 1st edition (2008) which is substantially cheaper than the new 2nd edition. Also, print or digital is fine, new or used!

Class Number: 13848
Meeting time @ place:
TU 12:00pm - 2:00pm @ 80 Barrows Hall
Section Theme: TBA
Instructor: Peter Vahle
Section Description:
Book List: