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CW 108 - Advanced Composition: New Media

CW 108 - Advanced Composition: New Media

Description: This advanced nonfiction writing course offers students an opportunity to read and write about how contemporary social media—Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and others—influence how we think, act, interact, and learn. Writing assignments will range from short exercises to essays of various lengths and types, and will be crafted to meet the rhetorical conventions of particular media, such as digital video, blogs, and more.

Prerequisites: Fulfillment of both halves of the Reading and Composition Requirement or consent of instructor

Units and Format: 3 units - Two hours of lecture and one hour of workshop per week

Grading Option: Letter grade or P/NP

Breadth Requirement: This course can be used toward satisfying the seven-course Breadth Requirement in Arts and Literature

Offered: Not offered 2013-14


CCN: 16583
Meeting time: MWF 2-3 p.m.
Meeting place: 103 Wheeler

Course description: Social Media for Social Change. Read, write, and research about how social media such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter influence how we think, learn, write, interact, and act. How have social media catalyzed recent movements for democracy and social justice? How does digital technology perpetuate inequality? We will delve into current issues to explore answers to these questions.

Prerequisite: Fulfillment of both halves of the Reading and Composition Requirement, or the instructor's consent.

Book list: The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding from You (Eli Parser), other texts TBA

Instructor: Michelle Baptiste
Email: michellebaptiste@berkeley.edu




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